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WISATS 2019 will take place at the Aoluguya Hotel

Address: No.800 Innovation Road 3, Songbei District, Harbin


About Aoluguya Hotel

AOLUGUYA is the pinnacle of the global famous hotel
design company HBA, AOLUGUYA is the only forest
culture theme hotel in China. The brand concept and
design inspiration were rooted in the most remote and
mysterious branch of Ewenki—AOLUGUYA, which is the
last hunting tribe in China. We lay stress on the
harmony between man and nature and initiate the
living idea—”Hermit in the city”. AOLUGUYA is your
nearest hunting tribe, is the original shrine in the city, is
an urban eco-resort full of the original feeling.
AOLUGUYA is the landmark in Heilongjiang Province.
The building is 216m in height, 43-storey layer , and it is
an integrated hotel in collection of accommodation,
catering, business, large weddings, conferences,
banquets, and leisure.

Searching For AOLUGUYA

AOLUGUYA located in the core area of
Technological Innovation City in Songbei
District. The Specific address is No.800
Innovation Road3,where is the center of
business, technology, tourism in Harbin. The
geography can be described as abound in
gifts of nature.
Hereby you can overlook the charming
Songhua River, and the particular Snowflake
Garden. Our hotel adjacent to the largest
indoor ski resort. You can enjoy the infinite
charm of Harbin , and the nature , warmth,
mystery and delicacy of AOLUGUYA.


The hotel locates in a transportation hub,
endowed with convenient transportation, the
hotel is about 35 km from Harbin Taiping
International Airport, drive no more than 30
minutes, 15 km from Harbin Railway Station, 18
km to Harbin West Railway Station, about 20
The hotel also offers shuttle service to airport,
guests can book a variety of vehicle in
advance according to their needs.
About 15 minutes drive to Harbin Financial
Center, Cultural Center, Harbin Grand
Theatre, only 5 minutes drive to the city
government and Wetland Park.

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